Rebecca vs. Rebecca vs. Breakfast is a 10-chapter graphic novel in which a film student must battle the Healthy and Unhealthy voices of her disordered eating in the quest to eat breakfast. It’s not necessarily about the artist. See About for what’s actually about the artist.
Page #1, Panel #1 INT. REBECCA’S DORM ROOM - ABOVE: A floor plan of a depressing dorm room, with a twin bed, a mini-fridge, and a mirror. Beside the bed are a pair of boots and a pair of pants, discarded. REBECCA, a plain Jane with a prison-stripe t-shirt, lies in bed. CAPTION: Every morning...Panel #2 Rebecca holds her stomach. The stomach “SQUAWKS.” CAPTION: Rebecca wakes up hungry.Panel #3 Rebecca jolts up, terrified at what she sees... CAPTION: But her Rules stop her from eating. 


NAME: Becky

IDENTITY: Past Rebecca

JOB: Eat bad food for the sake of good memories  (see “Arthur-getti”)

FAVOURITE FOOD: Kid’s Hardy-Har-Hard-boiled at Scrumpty Dumpty’s Diner

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “I’m a growing girl!”

FAVOURITE SONG: The Gudetama theme

NAME: Remainder

IDENTITY: Future Rebecca

JOB: Consider how this will all feel tomorrow

Deyhydrated Pizza 

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Make me real.”

FAVOURITE SONG: “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth,” Grimes

NAME: Raven

IDENTITY: Hungry Rebecca

JOB: Send hunger and fullness cues to incompetent interpreters

FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything nutritious and energizing (is it THAT hard?!)


FAVOURITE SONG: “Sweet Surrender,” Bread


NAME: Rules

IDENTITY: Rulemaker Rebecca

JOB:  Tenured professor whose doctoral thesis “Weekday Vegan: Creating a Diet With So Many Self-Contradictory Restrictions that Loved Ones Can’t Keep Up and Then Stop Inviting You Places” won her many unimportant academic prizes

FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything allowed by the current edition of “Rebecca’s Food Guide,” in any excess

WORDS TO DIE BY: “Rules are tools.”

FAVOURITE SONG: “Run the World (Girls),” Beyonce


IDENTITY: Perfectionist Rebecca

JOB: Grocery store stock-girl in an ongoing discussion with management re: the implementation of “indecision lanes”

FAVOURITE FOOD: The ONLY thing the store is sold out of. EVERY TIME.

WORDS TO DIE BY: “Why move forwards when you can move backwards?!”

FAVOURITE SONG: “Roller Coaster,” Bleachers; “Idea/Intent,” The Beths; “Nothing Better,” The Postal Service; whatever feels 100% in the moment

NAME: Reel

IDENTITY: Performer Rebecca

JOB: Actress (but she really wants to direct)

FAVOURITE FOOD: Gloria Swanson’s Potassium Broth

WORDS TO DIE BY: “The cameras are toujours rolling!”

FAVOURITE SONG: The “Vertigo” Score